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"We had a great experience and will definitely return. We LOVED Kayla.....Jake was obviously "comfortable" with her, she's very sweet and she cut him exactly as I had asked her to do! I can definitely understand why you stay so busy! I especially loved the fact that we could pick up our little Jake in such a short period of time from the drop-off! I don't like to think of him being "crated" . . .really appreciate the super, attentive, individual service. We LOVED that you sent home a "report card" and a doggie treat! We had such a great doggie day! I would definitely refer Generation Dog to anyone!"
- Nancy Walsh, Owner of "Jake," Shorkie (Shih Tzu and Yorkie Mix)
(Sept. 2011)

"I was very happy with Sophie's cut. The groomer did an excellent job. I used another groomer in the past but decided to switch to Generation Dog because you all do not cage or crate animals. I love the fact that one can get an appointment and then come back and pick their dog up in an hour or so. The other groomer I used kept her there all day long and crated her. She is too nervous and old to be crated. I look forward to our next visit! Thanks!"
- Laurie Lorino, Owner of "Sophie," Maltipoo
(Sept. 2011)

"We had an excellent experience with your "spa". The groomer did a beautiful job. She did exactly as I asked! Everyone was friendly, even when Walter wet on the floor! He seemed much happier there than with other groomers. You are doing a great job with your business. I only wish I had found you sooner! "
- Angie Marmann, Owner of "Walter," Shih Tzu/Maltese Mix
(Sept. 2011)

"Coco and Zorro look and feel wonderful when they leave! I'm really glad the time it takes to get them groomed is down to about an hour for both of them. That is wonderful. Thanks!"
- Cindy Ostrowski, Owner of "Coco" and "Zorro," Havanese
(Sept. 2011)

"Just wanted to send a quick thank you for the great care y'all take of Leo. He always looks great. Best of all, I really appreciate your pointing out skin/health issues. I took Leo in to Dr. Britt just after I picked him up from you for treatment around his inflamed, yeasty eyes. Dr. Britt also commented that he was impressed that y'all pointed out the infection. So now Leo is well on the way to recovery and looks beautiful! Thanks for taking such good care of my boys!"
- Katherine Billmeier, Owner of "Leo," Shih Tzu, and "Barney," Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

"The groomers at Rub-a-Dub Dog are excellent but most importantly, I know that when I drop my three poms off to get pampered that they will be treated the way I treat them at home. They will not be in cages and will have toys to play with and healthy treats. I used to feel guilty taking them for grooming because they'd have to stay all day and would be traumatized by the time I picked them up. Now they love it and so do I because I can pick them up as soon as they are done. They really are treated like family while they are there."

- Kelly Miller, Owner of "Benz," "Gabby" & "Gage," Pomeranians

"I have a Maltese who occasionally decides to be a bit mischievous. One morning, he managed to get into a Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit from McDonalds and had egg and cheese stuck all in the hair on his head. I was on my way to a meeting next door so I stopped by Rub-a-Dub Dog. Not only did the groomer stop what she was doing to clean up Willie's head, but they didn't even charge me! It's that type of personal service that keeps us going back whenever Willie needs a bath, a haircut - or just a new outfit from the boutique!"

- Holly Shirley, Owner of "Willie," Maltese

"Rub-A-Dub Dog Bath & Spa not only provides the highest quality of service for their paying customers, but they also are willing to help our shelter animals. Early one morning, we found a little dog abandoned at our gate on Snow Drive in the most horrible condition. He had severe mattes and wounds where someone inexperienced had tried to shave him. Unfortunately, this occurred on a day when our groomer was not available. Rub-a-Dub Dog re-arranged their entire day of grooming so that they could provide the immediate and urgent attention that was needed for this dog. He was carefully groomed and bathed and had his wounds treated - attention that he had probably never known before arriving on our doorstep. "Snow," as the dog was named, has now been medically treated, neutered and placed in a loving home. It's amazing what a little "makeover" and love can do for a little waif. It's nice to know that businesses that provide services for our pets also care about helping us stop the cruelty to animals that is so pervasive in our society."

- Jacque Meyer, Executive Director, Greater Birmingham Humane Society


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