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Updated July 2014

  • Grooming, bathing and spa services are available at the Rub-a-Dub-Dog Bathhouse and Spa by appointment only. Each groomer works with one dog at a time so that each client has our undivided attention while under our care. We do not have cages for drying or containment purposes therefore your dog must be dropped off and picked up at either end of his or her appointment. This may require more coordination on our part, but it makes for a less stressful experience for your dog.

  • We will not perform any service that will harm or cause severe stress and/or discomfort to your dog. This includes removing severe tangles or matts, or forcing a dog to be groomed when he or she is highly agitated. We also reserve the right to refuse service for dogs with aggression issues, or those who are elderly and/or suffering from medical conditions that increase the likelihood of injury to him or his groomer. This includes but is not limited to dogs that are unable to stand-up for the duration of time it takes to be groomed, dogs who try to jump out of the tub or off the grooming table, and those who do not tolerate the professional blow dryer. We will work with you as much as possible to try to find a solution that works for your pup but if all options fail, we may need to refer you elsewhere.

  • We do not make referrals to other groomers in the event we are booked. There are too many variables to consider when suggesting a groomer and each salon also has turnover. The only groomers that we can vouch for from the standpoint of their skill in grooming, compassion for the dog and safety standards are those who work for us because we require these qualifications.

  • We will not sedate your dog. We are happy to recommend some natural options that will help relax a nervous or anxious dog but if pharmaceutical sedation is needed, a veterinary groomer may be a better option for you because they can monitor vitals and make sure no harm comes to your dog as a result of the sedation. Vets also have trained technicians to assist the groomer in restraining an anxious dog. We will work with you as much as possible to try to find a solution that works for your pup but if all options fail, we may need to refer you elsewhere.

  • Multiple dogs in the same family are welcome to come in together for grooming. We will strive to schedule them in order to minimize their time at the spa. Typically this means more than one groomer will work on them. If you would prefer to request a particular groomer for all of your dogs, it may be necessary to bring them in separately in order to prevent overcrowding.

  • We are not able to groom female dogs during their heat cycle. Not only does this create an unsanitary environment, but dogs are much more sensitive to everything you do to them so normal grooming may elicit abnormal behavior. It also can create behavioral issues with other dogs in the salon. If your dog goes into heat after you schedule her grooming appointment, please call us as soon as possible to reschedule. If you show up and the dog is in heat, you will be sent home and held responsible for charges for your appointment per our cancellation policy.

  • Clients may be asked to sign a release that addresses basic issues regarding liability, emergency veterinary care, and compensation. This is more likely for dogs that are elderly or severely matted. We may also refer you to a veterinarian based groomer in these cases if the groomer or management does not feel comfortable proceeding even with a release.

  • All dogs must be bathed during their grooming visit. If your dog has a medical or behavioral reason why he or she cannot be bathed, we will work to address this special need on a case by case basis. The package price will remain the same if you opt not to receive the included bath.

  • We understand that traffic and other reasons outside of your control may cause delays in picking up your dog in a timely fashion. As such we allow a 15 minute grace period for all clients. Typically, another appointment is scheduled after your dog’s and pick-up delays can cause others to run late - or prevent us from being able to provide the undivided attention that is paramount to our service. Please make every effort to pick your dog up the time provided by the groomer at drop-off. We reserve the right to charge late pick-up fees of $1 per minute after the 15 minute grace period.

  • We strive to maintain our schedule so that you are not inconvenienced by having to wait for the groomer to check-in your dog for his or her appointment. If you arrive early, or they are running slightly behind, you may be asked to wait for a brief period. We strive to get your dog back as soon as possible and will even accept them early if we are able but please do not count on that. If you are experiencing a tight schedule and need to make sure you can drop off and go by a certain time, please let us know in advance so we are aware of your situation and can try to work with you. We cannot promise this will always work out but we do our best to accommodate your special requests.

  • Due to the fact that we can only accommodate a small number of appointments per day, we have a cancellation policy and require a credit card on file to secure grooming appointments. We accept Amex, Discover, Mastercard & Visa. If you cancel or reschedule before close of business the day before your scheduled appointment, you are not responsible for any charges. Cancellations after this point will be considered a same day cancellation and you may be charged up to the full amount of scheduled services if we cannot rebook the time. No Shows will be charged in full for the amount of the scheduled services. If you do not have a credit card, or prefer not to give it, you are welcome to pre-pay for your appointment.

  • Due to the increased risk for error, cancellations via email will not be accepted. If that is the only way you are able to communicate PLEASE MAKE SURE WE REPLY. If we do not, we did not receive your email and will not honor the cancellation.

  • You do not have to pay for your appointment with the card on file but if you choose to do so we will still need to swipe the card at the time of payment. For those who do not have their card available and want to charge the card on file, we reserve the right to charge a $5 convenience fee to compensate for increased credit card transaction fees that we are charged due to charging cards that are not physically present.

  • All dogs visiting the spa must be current on vaccinations and veterinary care. This includes Rabies, Distemper, Parvo and Bordetella vaccines, as well as fecal and heartworm tests. Many vets have different requirements as to what is “current” therefore we defer to what your particular vet requires. The exception to this rule is the Bordetella vaccine. Many vets now recommend that your dog has it every 6 months. We are comfortable with one per year.

  • We are happy to call your vet to obtain the required vaccination information. This often expedites the process. When you call to schedule your dog’s first appointment, please be prepared to provide us with the name of your vet clinic, as well as the owner’s name on file at the vet, in order to simplify this process. If for some reason you need to provide paperwork with current vaccinations, they MUST BE RECEIVED PRIOR TO THE DAY OF THE FIRST APPOINTMENT or the appointment may not be confirmed.

  • If there is a medical reason why your dog cannot be vaccinated, we will work with you on a case-by-case basis to ensure your dog is scheduled in a way that is safe for him and other clients of the spa. Similarly, we understand that controversy exists regarding vaccinations. We will strive to accommodate special cases but cannot promise this will always be possible.

  • Please notify us of any medical issues they need to be aware of with your dog. We can note these issues on file and be prepared to address them as needed. It is also good to point out any hotspots, sores, large moles or other irregularities when you drop them off for grooming. The more we know, the better job we can do for you.

  • Dogs must be on flea prevention medication or be free of fleas. Fleas cause diseases such as tapeworms in addition to discomfort to your dogs. If your dog has fleas, please see your vet to address this issue BEFORE bringing your dog in for grooming in order to prevent spreading the fleas to other clients. Your vet can provide a low-cost medication which kills all fleas within hours of administering the dose. We reserve the right to refuse services if your dog arrives infested with fleas. In cases when a dog is not infested but has a few fleas, we will use a special flea shampoo that will kill them and pass on the additional cost for the owner.

  • If you live in an area adjacent to woods, or frequently visit such areas with your dogs, we recommend that they be on tick prevention as well. Ticks can cause lime disease and are hard to identify until the groomer is well into the bathing and drying process. If identified, the groomer will try to remove any found but they are not always obvious so we do not guarantee that the groomer will notice all ticks. Removing a tick can also often be ineffective - or leave a mark on your dog and extreme cases may require veterinary attention. We will notify you in the event ticks are removed or further care is recommended.

  • Clients may not enter the spa area beyond the gate. Similarly, owners are not allowed to be in the back while your dog is being groomed, even if you think that will make him or her more cooperative. If a groomer is not able to groom your dog with minimal assistance from someone else on staff, a veterinary based groomer may be more appropriate for your dog.

  • Payment is due at the time services are rendered. We accept major credit or debit cards - Amex, Discover, Mastercard & Visa - as well as cash. We will also accept checks from regular customers on our mailing list, with a current driver’s license and accurate contract information on file or on the check.

  • In the event of a returned check, you are responsible for making good on the amount of a check, plus a $35 returned check fee. Non-payment of NSF checks will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

  • All dogs must enter the premises on leash, in a carrier, or carried by you. If you forget your leash, please ask to borrow one of ours in order to safely transport your dog from the car. These are available right by the front door when you enter. We cannot be responsible for injuries that may occur to your dog as a result of traffic or situations that arise as a result of him not being secure in your care.

  • Please keep in mind that not all dogs are friendly to one another - or humans - and maintain distance from those you do not know. This includes preventing children from attempting to pet dogs behind the gate in the grooming area. These dogs are not ours and we cannot guarantee they are friendly. We reserve the right to refer dogs with extreme fear or aggression towards other dogs or humans to a more appropriate grooming setting.

  • Since Rub-a-Dub-Dog Bathhouse and Spa is located in the back of our space, dogs must walk through the boutique in order to get to the salon. Male dogs that have a tendency to lift their leg to "mark" should be carried or walked on a short leash to avoid problems. Similarly, efforts should be taken to restrain or calm exuberant pups. You may be held responsible for purchasing any items that are marked or otherwise damaged by your dog. If your dog is particularly rambunctious, we suggest that you leave him in the car or outside with another family member while you come in to ask for assistance, or if we are ready for him.

  • Please don’t hesitate to ask us for assistance getting your dog in and out of the car. We are happy to provide this service for expectant mothers, elderly clients or those with health issues. Please let us know that you will need this assistance when you schedule your appointment so we can plan accordingly to help you.

  • The groomer needs to ask you questions in order to make sure we do the best job possible. Please plan to speak to her when you drop off and do not simply bring in the dog and leave.

  • If the person who will be dropping off your dog is not the one in charge of how he or she will be groomed, we ask that you either call in advance with instructions or provide written instructions for the groomer as to the desired haircut. We keep notes on file but there may also be questions so we prefer to have a contact number to reach the decision maker once the dog arrives and we evaluate his or her coat. We cannot ensure the results without appropriate instructions and information being provided to us in advance.

  • At times, a dog is discovered to be much more matted than expected once the groomer begins the process of bathing and drying him. Should this occur and it makes it impossible for them to deliver the haircut you requested, we will attempt to contact you to discuss your options. If we cannot reach you, we will proceed in the best interest of the dog, even it that requires going shorter than you prefer.

  • We reserve the right to change or update these policies at any time and will post the most current list on our web site. You may also request a hard copy in person at the spa at any time.