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Pricing, Payment Options, Cancellation Policy and Gratuities

How much do you charge for grooming?

Many variables are considered in quoting prices for grooming. You can view the menu of services on this site to estimate your dog's grooming based upon his or her size and what he needs. As follows are typical prices for common breeds of dogs based on what the usual grooming services are for these dogs. Keep in mind that this assumes a "typical" charge and may not reflect your exact needs or charges. These prices are effective as of 3/1/09.

Chihuahua $28 Bath & Biscuit Package
Mini Schnauzer $53 Hairy Hound Package
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel $50 Dapper Dog Package
Yorkie $53 Hairy Hound Package
Shih Tzu $53 Hairy Hound Package
Maltese $53 Hairy Hound Package
Maltipoo $53 Hairy Hound Package
Cocker Spaniel $61 Hairy Hound Package
Toy Poodle $63 Hairy Hound Package + Shaved Feet
Standard Poodle $95 Hairy Hound Package + Shaved Feet
Golden/Labrador Retriever $85 Furry Friend Furminator Package

Do you accept credit cards as payment for grooming services?

We currently accept the following forms of payment for grooming services - American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Cash and Checks from regular customers on our mailing list.

Why do I have to have a credit card on file to schedule a grooming appointment?

Many grooming shops report as many as two or three "no shows" every day. This is usually ignored because they factor in this rate and book more dogs in a day than is "comfortable" for them if all show up. Because we do not have kennels and keep dogs all day, we do not have the ability to overbook and simply stay late to finish up. Additionally, we groom 30-50% fewer dogs in a day than a traditional grooming shop or vet so any "no shows" detrimentally affects our groomer's pay, and our spa's profit. Finally, since we are currently booking almost 1 month out and always have a waiting list of clients wanting to get their dog in for grooming, it is simply not fair to the groomers, the spa or our other clients others for someone to lock in a time slot and not use it. As a result, we have an aggressive cancellation policy to discourage this unwanted behavior.

If I make an appointment and have to cancel or change it, will I be charged?

Provided you cancel no more than 24 hours prior to your dog's scheduled appointment time, you will not be charged for the time if you have to cancel or reschedule. In fact, most of the time, if you cancel within this time period but we still have enough time to call those on our waiting list and re-book the time, you will not be charged. We make every effort to confirm appointments and give you the opportunity to cancel and change your appointment as needed so any "no shows" will be charged for 100% of the value of the services you had booked for your dog. In addition, effective with our March 2009 price increase, we will begin processing a credit card authorization 24 hours before your appointment for new customers, those with a history of last minute cancellation, or those that we do not reach to verbally confirm.

Is it customary to tip the groomers and if so how much do people normally tip?

Our groomers are both very experienced and talented and the experience at our spa is more like that you may have when visiting your own stylist at a human salon. Many also take into consideration the fact that our groomers are all employees and do not own the salon, which may often be the case. Most of our clients do choose to provide a tip for the groomer in addition to the cost of their services, but the amount varies greatly. Some choose to simply "add $5" while others add 15-20% of the value of the service. Your groomer will appreciate any tip that you choose to make so the amount is completely at your discretion.

Can I add a tip to my bill when I check out?

Yes, we do allow our clients to add tip in with their payment when you use a credit/debit card or check to pay for services. We must add this tip amount onto your receipt so please tell us before you write your check or provide your credit card. We do not have the receipts like restaurants where you add the tip after you receive a total so if you do not tell us in advance when paying with credit cards, we cannot add the amount after the fact. We try to remember to ask but please do not rely on us to do so.

If I add a tip to the credit card, will the groomer receive the entire amount?

If you add a tip to your payment for services - whether using a credit/debit card or check - the groomer will receive your tip in their regular paycheck. These tips are subject to taxes but we do not currently subtract credit card fees from the amounts added to credit card payments. As our volume increases, we may be forced to change this policy so feel free to ask at the time of payment if this is a concern for you.